1.TITLE                                                                                                                                                                                  The title shall be “South East Essex Short Mat Bowls League” Hereafter referred to as “The League”          

  2. OBJECTS                                                                                                                                                                      The primary object of the League shall be;                                                                                       a.  To promote, foster and safeguard the game of Short Mat Bowls in the area.                        b.  To adopt and enforce the laws of the game laid down by the English Short Mat Bowls Association.         

 c.  To interpret, when called upon by members, questions of law and practice of the League and to arbitrate  in disputes between member clubs.                                                         d.  To encourage membership, administer the League and hold inter-club and other match or individual competitions aimed at promoting goodwill between clubs.                         e.  Ensure clubs abide by “League Rules” in respect of league competitions.                            f.  All League players registered with the League must be individually registered with Essex County S.M.B.A and the English S.M.B.A.                                                  

3.MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                                                                   a. Membership of the League shall be open to all existing  Member Clubs. Applications from other clubs local or outside the Essex area will be given due consideration by the committee, who shall have power to accept or reject such applications.                                    b. Definition of a new club is as follows “If an existing club changes its name and venue it will be regarded as a new club and enter the League accordingly unless there are extenuating circumstances. Any such extenuating circumstances to be notified to the League Secretary and place before the League Management Committee for their consideration”.                                                                                                                               

  c. Member clubs are expected to participate in all competitions.

d. All Member clubs will be affiliated to the English S.M.B.A and the Essex County S.M.B.A.

4.  AFFILIATION FEE.                                                                                                                           Each club in membership of the League shall pay an annual affiliation fee, the amount of which shall be determined at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Fees shall be paid to the League’s  Hon.Treasurer by 1st August each year.                                                                                                                                                              

  1.    5.  ADMINISTRATION                                                                                           

a.The League shall be managed by a committee consisting of Executive Officers and one (1) voting delegate appointed by each member club.                                                                      b. The executive officers will consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Competition/Results Secretary all of which shall be honorary and these Executive Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.                                                                A President may also be elected at the Annual General Meeting who shall be an ex official member of all committees but without the right to vote.

6.THE COMMITTEE                                                                                                                                The committee shall:-

a.Have the power to co-opt additional members for special duties

b.Meet as often as necessary to conduct the business of the League. Three (3) Executive Officers and voting delegates forming a quorum.                                                                            c. Control the finances and be the sole authority for interpreting the rules of the League. d. Determine the match fee to be paid by each member club in respect of the Clubs contribution when visiting another club, in assisting towards the cost of the facilities provided.

e. A full list of names and ESMBA numbers of bona-fide club members will be supplied to the League Sec. at least 24 hours before they are due to play.                                                        f. Organise the Annual Presentation Dinner/Dance and any other social events as required by member clubs.

g. Have the final decision in the event of any contingency arising which is not covered by the constitution.

7. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                                                                                                       a.  The A.G.M shall be convened annually by the month of May. Nominations for any of the above mentioned Executive Officers may be made by clubs sent to the Hon Sec. in writing not less than 56 days before the AGM                                                                                                                                                                    b. Ten member clubs to form a quorum.

c. All members are able to voice their opinions at the AGM and other general meetings, but only Executive Officers and one (1) nominated member from each club are able to vote. The Chairman in addition to his executive vote will have a casting vote to obtain a majority decision.

d. Recommendations and notices of motion for discussion at the AGM shall be submitted in writing to the Hon Sec. Not less than 56 days before the date of the AGM.

e. A special general meeting shall be convened on receipt by the Hon Sec. of an application signed by the secretaries or chairman of five (5) member clubs. In such circumstances the secretary is required to send out the notice calling such a special general meeting to all officers of the League and each club secretary stating the purpose for which it has been summoned, and no other business shall be transacted at the meeting.

8.  HON. SECRETARY                                                                                              

The Hon. Sec shall:-                                                                                                                                                                      a. Keep minutes to record the business transacted at various meetings held throughout the year, and shall submit to the AGM a report of the proceedings of the League since the previous AGM

b. Convene meetings as agreed by the committee and ensure that members are given sufficient time to arrange attendance at the meeting

9.  HON.TREASURER                                                                                                                             The Hon.Treasurer shall:-

a. Maintain financial records of the League.

b. Keep the committee informed of the financial state of the League reporting at each meeting.

c. Be responsible for issuing any cheques and obtaining counter signatures from either the chairman or the Hon.Sec (any 2 from 3)

d. Render to the AGM an audited account of the income and expenditure for the year together with a balance sheet                                                                                                                                                                                10.  ALTERATIONS OF CONSTITUTION AND RULES                                                     Amendments can only be made at the AGM or at a special general meeting convened for that purpose. A decision will be taken based on a majority vote.                                                               11.FINANCIAL YEAR                                                                                                                             The Leagues financial year shall end 30th April each year                          

12.  MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                                    No person shall play in the SEESMBL or The League Memorial Trophy for more      than one club.                                                                                                                        

13.  AUDITORS                                                                                                                                        Two (2) auditors who shall not be Executive Officers shall be appointed at the AGM to audit the accounts

                                                                SEESMBL MAY 2019

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