1.  The name of the league shall be the SOUTH EAST ESSEX SHORT MAT BOWLS LEAGUE                                 
  2. 2.   Minimum requirements of a club to join the league is:- One team consisting of two (2) rinks, (mixed or all of one sex) and two (2) 45ft short mats, four fenders, , 2 jacks and 2 centre blocks as detailed in the rule book.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  3.   Each club may enter up to three (3) teams in the league. No player to change teams once entered and played in team A/B/C. They must remain with their original team for that season.                                                      
  4.   A game shall consist of fifteen (15) ends per rink, two trial ends are permitted per team                                        

5a.  Where a club has two or more teams entered in the same league division their games against each other must be played before any other game (home and away). Failure to comply with this will cost both teams a two point deduction from totals.                                                                                                                                                                           

b.No team should play two (2) home games on the same day.                                                                                             6.  The scoring system shall be two (2) points per rink win; one (1) point per rink draw, plus a bonus point for the greatest number of shots over both rinks in  a team ; maximum points per team five (5). When teams are level on points in the in the league the higher shot difference will decide positions in the league table. If shots difference be the same the highest shots for will decide league positions.                                              

7a  Matches must be played in the scheduled week on a day determined by the home club. The home team will contact the away (visiting) team at least three (3) days before  match. Either club may request ONLY ONCE that the original date be postponed and rearranged for a date agreed and accepted by both clubs. All such postponements and changes  are to be notified to the Results Officer immediately. Any request should be made no later than three (3) days before the originally agreed date. Should either team be unable to play on the agreed rearranged date, five (5) points and ten (10) shots be awarded to the non offending team. The offending team will incur a one (1) point reduction. Should a team turn up with just one rink then the non-offending team will claim two (2) points for the empty mat plus the bonus point and five (5) shots. Should a team not complete their league fixtures for any reason then the offending team will start the following  season minus five (5) points for each game they did not play. Any games that are postponed the home team must inform the Fixture Secretary of the new date within 28 days of the original fixture being cancelled. 

b.Results Officer should decide all disputes and only on appeal should a dispute go to the league committee.                                                                                                                                                                                          c. The Results Officer will keep a record of any and all judgements made in appeals and disputes and make available to all affiliated league teams if requested.   

d.If a club has more than one team in the league and they wish to withdraw one team from the league for the new season they should withdraw the team from the lowest division.                                                                                                      8  All games must start no later than 19:45pm on the agreed date of play, or as mutually agreed by both clubs.                        .                                                                                                                                                                       

9a  Footwear; bowling shoes or any smooth heel-less footwear must be worn while playing on the rink mats.                                                                                                                    b)Dress; grey below the waist, white above or club colours.

c)   Team members must have their club stickers on all woods being used in the game, those woods without will be deemed dead bowls and treated as such.

10.   The fee per match will be £16.

11.    The league management committee to consist of CHAIRPERSON, VICE-CHAIRMAN, SECRETARY, TREASURER, COMPETITION/RESULTS SECRETARY, and a delegate from each club, who shall be a committee person.                                                   12. Club registration fee is  £2-50, then £2-50 each year plus £2 per registered player.   

13 All club team names must be registered with the League Secretary by 1st August each year

13a. All players must be registered and fees paid with the League Secretary at least 24 hours before they are eligible to play in a League match or a League Memorial Trophy match.

13b. If a team plays an unregistered player, the result and points will stand but the offending team will have 2 points deducted for each unregistered player that played. If the offending team also won the bonus point, it will be deducted.                                                                                                                                                           

  1.   The season shall start on the 1st October and end on the 30th April the next year.                                                      
  2.   All league players registered with the ESMBA must also be registered with the ECSMBA (County).                      
  3.   The ESMBA rules shall apply on all other matters  



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