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Here’s hoping for a swift recovery to Sylvia Ealham after her fall at Sanguine put her in hospital with a broken patella.

and to everyone’s favourite moaner…..Moaning Bob Quarterman…..Good luck with your new “Pacemaker” Bob.


Thursday 10/9/15

The Hercock Trophy  is no more and stays at the club who started it off. We now play for THE LEAGUE MEMORIAL TROPHY which will honour all the bowlers we have lost over the years.

Please do not let your name be entered into the “Past Bowlers Book” that will show all the friends we have lost. If you have any names of past bowlers who have sadly left us please contact me with details of their demise and which club they played for. It will be on display on FINALS day so they are not forgotten.

Wed 9/9/15

The League Memorial Trophy Competition has been drawn resulting in

5 preliminary matches to arrive at the first round number of 32 teams.

These games should be completed by 31 December 2015. The teams

waiting for these games to be completed will be contacted by the

organiser as soon as he gets confirmation of the results. These matches can

be started right away. This also applies to teams not waiting for preliminary

games to finish. START NOW. The dead line for first round matches is

March 14th 2016. The FINAL is at MARCONI SPORTS CLUB on APRIL 3rd.


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